Compete for the number 1 position and win a free fishing day in 2022. How?

1) go fishing with Lure Fishing Guide;

2) catch a big pike, zander or perch;

3) every centimeter of pike is worth 1 point, every centimeter of zander is 1.33 points and every centimeter of perch is 2.2 points. Bass from 51 upwards even get 2.3 points per centimeter.


Christian is the # 1 with a magnificent 51 cm long perch weighing a whopping 2.98 kilos, good for 117.3 points. That will be hard to beat!


Check the table at the bottom of the page for all information (date, bait, length) of the largest pike, perch and walleye caught.




51 cm

117,3 points



79 cm

105,07 points



104 points