Predatortour 2018 - second try

Actually quite happy with our first training session, we went out last week for a second training session.... perhaps a little superfluous.

Our goal was to discover spots at the northern part of the Hollands Diep, but in order to get ourselves in supercatch modus we decided to quickly do some of the spots we discovered last week. Just to quickly catch some fish...... HAH! That's what we thought. Perfect conditions and lots of fish on the Raymarine.... but only Ruud managed to catch some small perch.

Fishing resulted to be extremely slow. The one good perch I convinced to take my lure released itself just before Ruud had the time to net it and that was about it for me. Ruud caught, as mentioned, a few small perch and also a small pike that was so kind to jump into the net by itself.

We take the boat downstream and start fishing some shallow waters that were indicated to me some time ago. But also here everything stays quiet. As we let the boat drift we reach the 7m-line and then suddenly bites start coming in. And in about 15 minutes time we lose several good takes but also catch a few zanders.

Unfortunately after this little moment of action everything returns to the quiet state as it was before...... in the meanwhile it's getting warm and the boat is turning into something that looks a bit like a camping.

After hours of fruitless fishing with nothing happening at all we are in desperate need of catching at least something. We take the boat back to one of our hotspots from last week and send our lures into the deep. As soon as I make the first cast I get a good take from a nice fish.... that unfortunately loses the hook after a second or 10. The spot however proves itself to be good again with 15 or perhaps 20 takes in about half an hour. Unfortunately we succeed in getting only one fish out.

It's time to go, we do one last stop at a crib before we trailer the boat. It's here that I get one last fish. A small pike swallows the salt-shaker completely and the fluorcarbon leader is nowhere to be seen when the pike shows itself at the surface. It will only take one headshake to lose this fish. And that's exactly what happens. The fish is close to the boat when it slightly moves his head and cuts the line. Less than half a second the pike still lies there before he turns around to vanish into the deep again. Exactly enought time for Ruud to shove the net under the pike and take it into the boat! What an angler! Thanks Ruud.

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