Predator Tour 2018 - Hollands Diep can be windy.....

5 to 6 Bft says the forecast and westenwind....... Not the easiest conditions to fish, but hey, it can be like that during predator tour as well so we go for it. It's already longer dark in the morning, so we don't have to leave too early anymore. At 8 am we drop the boat in the water and off we go. We start at the spot where I caught good fish with Dimitri at his 'bachelor'-party. It's not in the official track, but it's good to have a little bit of confidence if the wind is going to be that strong. At the moment there's almost no wind at all however. The spot is not the perchmagnet it was before though so we quickly move on. On the other side of the river we have to look a little, but then we find them, and soon we are taking in perch, one after another. Unfortunately not any big ones yet.

Time to test the big water. We take the boat onto Hollands Diep and start fishing. The wind is gaining and fishing is not very comfortable. But, we get some fish in the boat.

Ruud is not at his 'sharpest' yet, but that usually means he's waiting for the big ones to start hunting. As it is no fun at all to be on a shaky boat with lots of water coming in the whole time, we decide to leave the open waterr and move to a more sheltered spot.

It's not easy to find one, but when we do Ruud immediately gets a good take and a nice perch joins us in the boat for a brief moment.

Not soon after that I also feel something taking my lure. It's nothing more but a slight nibble and at first the fish doesn't resist much. But it also won't come to the boat easily and slowly it's putting up a fight. When it starts taking long runs it's clear we have our friend the pike on the other side. Luckily the fish is perfectly hooked and the fluorcarbon leader holds as well. A few moments later I can pose with a beautiful pike of exactly one meter. As I lift the fish to unhook it, I almost break my finger when the fish starts freaking out and even today (already two weeks later) I still have my finger wrapped in bandages!

After that fishing for me gets slow....... perhaps also because my finger is hurting like hell, but Ruud on the other hand is getting the hang of it and is taking in one fish after another. And pretty nice ones as well!

We end the day with some food fish and with exactly 30 fish on the counter. Not bad, not bad at all.

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