Waking up the zanders

Updated: Jan 28, 2019

After a very successful trip earlier in the week, Ruud and myself just had to get back on the water as quick as possible. Two days later a new fishing trip was made.

We hit the water early but first hours are nothing but slow! Ruud hooks a perch but that doesn't live up to our very high expectations. Even the picture is shady!

I also think I get a nibble or two, but nothing really convincing. Time to move on, let's see if another spot has something better to offer.

I start cranking and almost immediately a perch is hooked. It's not a big one, but as it is the first I am very happy with it .... until it falls off, just before the boat. 'Be patient' I tell myself; if one is interested, there are probably more waiting. And after just a few casts I get a really fantastic attack on my lure and this time I can land the fish. A nice 40+ perch is the reward.

After this one we fanatically start cranking. And at first it pays off. We get several bites, catch a few fish but it doesn't last.

We fish at some other spots but the fish just don't seem to be active. After a few hours of futile fishing we head back to our first spot to see if conditions are better in the afternoon.

I still do a few casts with a crankbait and switch then to a traditional jighead with a shad on and Ruud tries out a dropshot. At first the dropshot seems to be the key. Ruud gets a few bites and a small zander enters the boat for a picture.

I am thinking that I should probably switch to dropshot too, but Ruud tells me to wait as the dropshot is also completely ignored again.

I change my fishing style and start dragging my shad extremely slow accross the bottom. A boat passes by and when I wave to the sailor I get a huge bang on my rod. Apparently this was what the zanders were waiting for because after this fish, every single cast gets rewarded with a bite. We catch fish, we miss a lot more, and suddenly it's great fun. The zanders are going absolutely mad.

Fish come quickly in the boat now, so we stop taking pictures.... but then Ruud hooks a better fish: a very nice and fat zander.

We continue fishing again and it's still jackpot...... it's just incredible how things can change on a spot you have already fished for hours just by changing the presentation of your bait. It doesn't matter what shad we present to the zanders, as long as it is fished reeeeally slow.

Unfortunately these feeding franzies don't last forever. After a good hour or so the fish are satisfied and refuse to take the bait another time. But who cares! We caught good fish and had a fantastic day in the end.

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