Cheyenne Wyoming - day 1

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Up for some troutfishing tomorrow? That's pratically Austin's first sentence when we set foot on American soil. And of course that's an easy to answer question: "YES!" I am up for some trout fishing.

The weather changes a lot in this time of year in Wyoming and tomorrow we'll have a fantastic 21 degrees Celsius before a blizzard (???!!!! with real snow etc.?????) will hit us. I can hardly believe the weather will really change this drastically overnight but I found out: it really does.

Austin leaves earlier from the office the next day and we have a few hours of evening fishing ahead of us. We drive to a small mountain lake and when we arrive we see that we have the lake to ourselves. No other boat is on the water.

We start preparing the boat and within a few minutes we are heading to the first spot

The water is calm, no wind and I am really anxious to start fishing. The first spot is in a small bay where another angler is fishing from the banks. He already caught some really nice rainbows using creature baits. Most rods Austin brought are baitcasters but there is one traditional spinningrod that I take. It's filled with nylon (with a few knots also) but as I have no experience at all on American Lakes, I am just going to try to fish for trout in 'Dutch Zander Style'. I take a little bit too heavy pilker for my rod and with a loud splash I do my fist cast. I lift the lure once and let it go back to the bottom, I lift it a second time and when I let it go down again to the bottom I get a tremendous strike. I try to set the hook, but the distance and the stretch of the line only makes me strike air. No fish. But this is promising. In the next hour we miss fish after fish. They bite regularly but both Austin and I miss every single fish. Until I finally think I have one; a baby rainbow hits my lure about 3 times before it stays on...... and then it falls off just I try to swing it into the boat. A few minutes later Austin gets a really good strike but unfortunately this fish also manages to free itself within a few seconds. And when Austin also loses a baby rainbow, as he tries to swing it in, we decide to try our luck elsewhere.

I continue to fish with the pilker, because although I didn't catch anything yet, I got a lot of takes. Also the Humminbird beeps regularly, indicating that there are fish right under the boat. We brought enough rods with us, so I rig one with a dropshot and put a nightcrawler immediately next to the boat. I have hardly picked up my other rod to start casting or the tip of my rod starts moving around. I pick up the rod, but the fish is already gone. This scene will repeat itself for about 5 more times, so frustrating.

Back to casting then. I cast my lure and when Austin is making fun of the noise I make when my heavy lure hits the water, I feel a light take..... I set the hook and now it's fish on. And it's a strong one!

Austin helps landing the fish with the net and I have caught my first brown trout. Boy am I happy with this fish.

Why is it that when you are on the water, time always passes so quickly. We have about one hour left and with one fish in the boat we are ready for more. And soon after the beautiful brown I catch another fish. It's one of those baby rainbows but look at the scenery: it's fantastic.

After this fish I start casting in another direction and it doesn't take long for me to get another baby rainbow.

I try it once more at the same spot and very close to the banks, another better fish takes my lure. It's again a beautiful brown.

This brown will prove to be the last fish for the day and also for the coming days because the weather forecast was 100% right.....

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