• Thom Prüst

Let's make it rain!

Everyone likes pictures of fish! So here are some pictures of the fishing of the last 4 weeks in Biesbosch National Park and from Hollands Diep.

We kick off with Peter, Jeroen en Boris who did a great job in Biesbosch Natural Reserve.

Next on our list are Jimmy and Dirk who gathered a boat grandslam.

Jouke, Tibbe and Jilles had to work hard for their fish, but in the end the Biesbosch delivered and everybody's efforts were rewarded.

Martin, Alex and André had to catch their fish in the morning fog. Luckily the pike didn't matter the lack of visibility and attacked our lures as if there was no tomorrow.

Robin received his German 'degree in Fishing', so his dad Markus rewarded him, and Robin's friend Jan, with a two day fishing trip in Holland. We saw a lot of different predators on board and (as always) they also managed to catch a really big one (and a really tiny one!).

Leendert and his Son Thijmen wanted to work on their predator-fishing-skills. It's safe to say that it worked out allright.

The last fishing day of this series was done by Sirko and his friends. They came to target zander, but in the end it were the perch that cooperated the best.