• Thom Prüst

The wonder days

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Due to the enormous downpours in the south of the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium, the water in the Delta had risen to 'winter level' and of course had become very murky.

I certainly had my reservations about the planned fishing trips in advance, but every day exceeded my wildest expectations. With 5 pike (up to 98 cm), 15 perch (almost all over 40) and no less than 68 zander (with many 60's and 70's and one peak to 86) it was simply fantastic fishing.

Christoph with his two professional anglers Leo and Jan

Amir came to fish for pike, but was quickly tempted by the zander. And with success.

And a double hookup!

Despite my assurances that we could (safely) get on the water, Jakob and Mellie had reservations about traveling all the way from Switzerland. Good thing they came...

A new PR

79 cm Zander

The last day with Jakob and Jörg. Big fish and a grand slam for everyone!

The kick off with a 86 cm castle

Beautiful yellow colored perch

Top fish on the livescope