2021 - the numbers!

Unfortunately, 2021 has not become the year of numbers. More than 300 fewer fish were caught in 2021 than in 2020. With regard to the size of the predatory fish caught, however, we can generally not complain this year.


352 pike

The pike is perhaps the most characteristic of this year. A distressing number of just 352 pike came on board. If you consider that more than 260 pike were caught in 2020, then you see that the pike is almost single-handedly responsible for the lower total number of predatory fish caught. In the graph below it can be clearly seen that even in the months when the pike did 'good' and where there was also very active pike fishing, the average number of pike never reached 5 pike per day. A more positive image, on the other hand, gives the format. While there may not have been that many pike caught, the chance of catching a 90+ fish was a whopping 19%! And in 5% of the cases, even the magic 100 cm barrier was broken.

858 zander

Zander is the king of numbers this year. Good to catch almost all year round and in particular the summer months of July and August were exceptionally good. They could often be caught in less than 2 meters of water and days where you could get into double digits with walleye alone were no exception. Although a lot of 60+ fish have been caught and these are really nice fish, the big zander (and we are talking about fish of 70+) are caught much less. The chance of catching a fish larger than 70 cm was about 5%. And the chance that you went over the magic line of 80 cm was even less than 1%.

414 perch

Also this year the perch was capricious as ever. It's like someone has a big switchboard on which the perch are randomly switched on and off. In May they flew on board almost automatically and from 1 June we had to look for them with a magnifying glass. Then someone had started the big perch in July and August, followed by a short break in September and more than 80 big striped predators were caught again in October. The chance of big perch was really above average in 2021. The chance of catching a perch larger than 42cm was almost 30%! A perch larger than 45 cm was more than 12%, only fish of 50 cm or more remain rare. That chance was less than 1% this year.  

The Million dollar question

And now for the answer to the question everyone always asks: "When is the best time to come fishing?" According to the charts below, in 2021 you had the best chance of fishing in the months of April, May, July, August, October and November. Does this say something about 2022? I don't think so, but below the graphs, take advantage of them!

Oh yes.... at the very bottom of the 2021 'honorary gallery'. Go see that!


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