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Discover Premier Zander and Perch Fishing on Hollands Diep with Lure Fishing Guide

Welcome to Lure Fishing Guide, your top destination for an exceptional fishing experience on the Hollands Diep and its surrounding rivers. Located in the heart of the Netherlands, Hollands Diep is renowned for its world-class zander and perch fishing. Our expert guide, Thom Prüst, brings unparalleled knowledge and passion to these waters, ensuring you have the best opportunity to catch trophy fish.


The Scenic and Productive Waters of Hollands Diep

Hollands Diep is a magnificent body of water situated between the Haringvliet and the Dordtsche Kil. Known for its murky waters, a result of being one of the busiest boat routes in the Netherlands, Hollands Diep offers ideal conditions for a variety of predatory fish. The nutrient-rich waters support an abundant fish population, making it a prime location for anglers seeking zander, perch, pike, asp, and even catfish.

A Haven for Predator Anglers

Zander Fishing:

Hollands Diep is famed for its zander population, attracting anglers from across Europe. The combination of murky water and abundant prey creates an ideal environment for zander, which rely heavily on their sense of smell and lateral line to hunt. This makes artificial lures, especially softbaits, incredibly effective for catching these elusive predators.

Our fishing trips focus on both the quantity and the potential for record-breaking zander. With Thom Prüst’s expert guidance, you’ll be taken to the best spots where these impressive fish congregate. We primarily use St. Croix medium-powered rods with fast or extra fast action, providing precise control and sensitivity. Softbaits are particularly effective due to their lifelike movement, which zander find irresistible. 

Perch Fishing:

Perch fishing on Hollands Diep is equally thrilling, with specimens over 50 cm frequently caught. These aggressive sight hunters thrive in the complex underwater structures and weed beds characteristic of this waterway. Our approach to perch fishing involves using softbaits to cover various depths and entice strikes from perch hiding among the vegetation.

Casting with St. Croix rods ensures that even the slightest bites are detected, giving you the best chance to set the hook effectively. The fast action of these rods is perfect for the quick, jerky retrieves that perch find so appealing. Spro hardbaits also play a significant role in our perch fishing strategy, offering a different action and sound that can trigger strikes when softbaits are less effective.

Additional Opportunities: Pike, Asp, and Catfish:

While zander and perch are our main targets, Hollands Diep offers the opportunity to encounter other impressive predators. Pike over 120 cm are common, taking advantage of the abundant prey fish. These apex predators provide thrilling encounters, especially when using light zander gear.

Asp, known for their explosive strikes and powerful runs, can also be caught, adding another layer of excitement to your fishing adventure. And for those seeking the ultimate challenge, there is the potential to hook into a massive catfish over 200 cm. Although we don’t specifically target these giants, they are a constant possibility in the diverse ecosystem of Hollands Diep.

The Ultimate Fishing Experience with Thom Prüst

Thom Prüst is not just a guide but a passionate angler with an in-depth understanding of Hollands Diep. Fishing these waters daily, Thom has honed his skills and knowledge, ensuring you are in the best hands for your fishing adventure. Whether you’re an experienced angler or a beginner, Thom’s expertise and friendly approach will make your trip both educational and enjoyable.

Our fishing trips are customized to meet your specific preferences and goals. From choosing the right lures to refining your techniques, Thom provides personalized guidance to help you make the most of your time on the water. We supply top-of-the-line gear, including St. Croix rods and Shimano reels, ensuring you have the best equipment to tackle the formidable predators of Hollands Diep.

Book Your Adventure Today

Join Lure Fishing Guide for an unforgettable fishing experience on Hollands Diep. Whether you’re chasing trophy zander, battling powerful perch, or encountering surprise giants like pike and catfish, our guided trips offer something for every angler. With Thom Prüst’s expert knowledge and the predator-rich waters of Hollands Diep, your fishing dreams are just a cast away.

Contact us today to book your trip and experience the best zander fishing in Europe with Lure Fishing Guide. Let’s make your next fishing adventure one to remember!


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