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Boat fishing for shore anglers

Are you also watching on Youtube how others fish for zander from the shore on the major rivers? Of course, only those few minutes come into play when something is actually caught; "That doesn't look too difficult", you think and you go to the banks in good spirits. Only after you've lost half your tackle box in the water, you start asking yourself: Am I doing something wrong or is there just no zander here...  

Usually it's the first one. If you've  fished several piers there will undoubtedly be zander somewhere, but an incorrect rod combined with fishing 'too light' or 'too heavy', makes catching a zander depend more on luck than on wisdom. If you have no idea where your shad is hanging out in the water, catching fish becomes a real challenge.  

Especially for those interested in the technique of zander fishing, Lure Fishing Guide offers a masterclass for zander fishing. We fish from the boat, but do this with rods normally used for shore fishing and located in places where we can simulate as if we are fishing from the banks. You learn the best way to feel or see where your shad is 'hanging out' in the water, so that you no longer have the idea that you are just stirring the water with a rod. For this you fish with different rods, in places with lots fo current, in reverse streams and, if you are lucky, you can quickly practice setting the hook when you get that hard zander attack.

Masterclass zander fishing is only available for a maximum of two anglers.

Zander fishing masterclass
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