What does a fishing day look like?

At 7:00 a.m. (8:00 a.m. winter time) we meet on the slipway of your chosen water. A fishing day lasts 8 hours and is, of course, completed according to the wishes of the customer. Together we determine which predator fish we will try to catch and with which techniques we want to do that. When making our battle plan, we naturally also take into account the weather conditions that can be expected for that day.

Which fish can we catch?

We only fish for predator fish, with a specific focus on pike, zander or perch, whether or not combined. Other predatory fish that end up in the boat are asp (relatively common) or catfish (rare). However, we do not focus on asp and catfish and it will therefore always be a coincidence.

What should I bring with me?

A packed lunch and something to drink and clothing that matches the weather!

That means in winter: lots of layers to keep yourself warm. And in the summer, short sleeves and shorts seem nice, but keep in mind that we have no shade in the boat, which means you burn very quickly. If there is also a breeze on the water, you don't even feel that you are burned; at least, you can feel it, but only when it is too late. I therefore always recommend long pants, long sleeves, a cap and lots of sunscreen!

And last but not least: for every season, a rain suit that you can put on over your clothes, even when no rain is predicted. Why will you ask? In the areas where we fish it can often be windy and when the wind is a bit obliquely on the boat you can really get soaked with the spray (water that hits the boat while sailing). Bringing a rainsuit is therefore ALWAYS recommended.

Can Lure Fishing Guide also provide lunch?

If requested in time (at least one week in advance) and at an additional cost of € 15 pp, we provide a lunch with coffee and soft drinks for our guests.

Do I have to bring my own material?

Lure Fishing Guide has the right materials for all techniques on board that our customers can use for free. But if you enjoy fishing with your own rods or lures, you can of course bring them with you. During the day you can decide yourself what you prefer to fish with.

How many people fit on the boat?

The boat offers space for 3 guests, but we only offer trips for 3 guests in the Hollands Diep / Biesbosch area. A maximum of 2 guests can board on all other waters.

This has to do with the fact that if there are 3 guests on board, the boat can sometimes make insufficient speed. On the Hollands Diep and in the Biesbosch it is still possible to do vertical fishing or trolling due to the limited driving distance from the trailer ramp. If you want to cast with 3 angles on the boat, then practice shows that it only really works if everyone is an experienced angler.

What does a fishing day with Lure Fishing Guide cost?

The price of a fishing day partly depends on the chosen water, see also our standard rates . We mainly fish in the Hollands Diep / Biesbosch area and the adjacent rivers. A day fishing is already possible from € 300 (8 hours) Hollands Diep / Biesbosch and a maximum of 2 guests can join.

Which waters does Lure Fishing Guide fish on?

Our home water is the Hollands Diep / Biesbosch river area. On request we also provide fishing trips on the Waal and the Haringvliet.

Do you also have a live scope with which you can see the fish swim and bite on?

Yes we have. The boat is not only equipped with traditional depth gauges, but also with a Garmin Livescope that can be read on two screens, one at the back and one at the front of the boat. With this spectacular technology it is possible to actually detect fish and present the bait in front of them. If you then see a zander make a fall to your shad live, your heart is in your throat. A Playstation is nothing compared to this beauty!

Can we also come fishing with more than 3 people?

It is certainly possible to come fishing with more than 3 people. In that case it is important to contact us in time as we must provide one or more extra boats and fishing guides.

Can I take home the fish we catch?

No. We only provide fishing trips based on Catch & Release, which means that ALL fish caught must be returned undamaged. One of the main reasons that it is still possible to catch record pike, zander and perch in the Dutch Delta is that the vast majority of anglers put their catches back. We NEVER make exceptions to this rule.

Do I need a fishing license when I go fishing with Lure Fishing Guide?

Yes, every guest must always be in possession of the Vispas ( or a day permit. If requested in time (at least 7 days in advance) we can provide a day permit for an additional charge of € 10 per person.

Children who are 13 years or younger on January 1st of this calendar year do not need a Vispas. They can fish with me on my vispas.

Do I also get photos of the fish we caught?

During the trip I take photos of the fish caught that you will receive after the trip via e-mail (Wetransfer).

Does a fishing day also take place when it rains?

Yes, bad weather, so even when it rains, is no reason to cancel a fishing day. After all, it doesn't matter if it rains for fish, they are already wet. Only if it is freezing or if it is too dangerous to go out with the boat due to too much wind (> 5 Bft), thunderstorms or thick fog, will a fishing day be canceled or moved.

Can I book a fishing trip with Lure Fishing Guide all year round?

Yes, we fish 12 months a year. However, fishing with artificial lures is prohibited in April and May. In these months we only fish with worms. No exceptions!

I am a beginner, can I still go fishing now?

Yes, we offer fishing trips for the very experienced angler, but also for the enthusiastic beginner. Especially in the Biesbosch beginners have every chance of catching beautiful big predators.

Can I also hire Lure Fishing Guide to guide from my boat?

No, I only work as a fishing guide from my own Crestliner Vision boat.

Do you also rent fishing boats?

I often get the question if it is possible to alternate guiding days with days when customers want to go fishing themselves from a rented fishing boat. It is of course possible to alternate guiding days with days you go fishing yourself, but I do not have fishing boats available for rent.

Can I rent an accommodation if I come fishing for several days with Lure Fishing Guide?

We have a holiday home (max. 6 people) in Oude-Tonge at 10 minutes (boat) distance from the Volkerak. This house is suitable for fishermen who have their own fishing boat with which they want to fish Volkerak and for fishermen who use this house as a base to go fishing on my boat. All boarding places of Lure Fishing Guide are a maximum of 45 minutes drive from Oude-Tonge.

For other accommodations we always refer to hotels and B & B's in the region.