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BIESBOSCH Natural Reserve

Fishing in HOlland's most Precious nature reserve with the Number 1 Fishing guide




Experience Premier Pike Fishing in Biesbosch National Park with Lure Fishing Guide

Welcome to Lure Fishing Guide, your ultimate destination for an unparalleled fishing adventure in the breathtaking Biesbosch National Park. Nestled in the heart of the Netherlands, this pristine natural reserve offers an idyllic setting for anglers seeking the thrill of predator fishing. With its extensive waterways, lush landscapes, and abundant fish stocks, Biesbosch is a haven for those looking to catch pike. ​

The Enchanting Waters of Biesbosch National Park

Biesbosch National Park is renowned for its vast network of rivers, creeks, and shallow lakes, creating a unique and diverse aquatic ecosystem. This stunning landscape is characterized by dense reed beds, expansive willow forests, and tranquil water channels, offering not only a picturesque backdrop but also prime fishing grounds. The park's healthy fish population, particularly its thriving pike and perch stocks, make it a top destination for predator anglers.

A Pike Angler’s Paradise Biesbosch is particularly famous for its robust pike population.

Our guided fishing trips focus primarily on targeting these formidable predators, offering you the chance to catch impressive specimens in a serene and scenic environment. Pike in Biesbosch are known for their size and strength, providing an exhilarating challenge for any angler.

Trolling and Casting Techniques:

We employ a combination of trolling and casting techniques to maximize your chances of landing a pike. Trolling with artificial lures, including small Spro hardbaits, chatterbaits, and larger softbaits and swimbaits, allows us to cover extensive areas of water efficiently. This method is especially effective in locating active pike, which are often lurking around the park's many shallow weed beds. Casting, on the other hand, offers a more hands-on and engaging fishing experience. We target pike by casting lures into likely holding spots, such as the edges of weed beds and submerged structures. This approach is particularly thrilling as it requires precision and skill, with the possibility of seeing a pike strike your lure right in front of you. ​

Seasonal Hot Spots:
In the summer and autumn, the large shallow weed beds become hot spots for pike fishing. These areas, with depths barely exceeding one meter, provide excellent cover and hunting grounds for pike. Our guide, Thom Prüst, expertly navigates these waters, using his extensive knowledge of the area to find the best fishing spots. As the weather cools in early winter and spring, we combine casting with fishing for pike using advanced technology like the Garmin LiveScope. This innovative tool allows us to see pike in real-time, even in shallow waters as little as 1.5 meters deep. The sight of a pike approaching and striking a large softbait directly under your feet is an adrenaline-pumping experience that few other fishing methods can match.

Thom Prüst:

Your Expert Guide Thom Prüst, our experienced and passionate fishing guide, has an intimate knowledge of Biesbosch National Park. Fishing these waters daily, Thom understands the habits and patterns of the local fish populations, ensuring that you are always in the best spots to catch trophy fish. His friendly and professional approach makes every trip both educational and enjoyable, whether you are a seasoned angler or a beginner.


The Perfect Refuge from Adverse Weather

One of the many advantages of fishing in Biesbosch is its sheltered environment. Unlike the more exposed waters of Hollands Diep, Biesbosch provides a safe and accessible refuge when weather conditions are less than ideal. The park’s protected waterways allow us to continue fishing under virtually any circumstance, ensuring that your trip is never disrupted by wind or rough conditions. ​

Book Your Adventure Today

Join Lure Fishing Guide for an unforgettable fishing experience in Biesbosch National Park. Whether you’re targeting the mighty pike, battling energetic perch, or encountering the occasional zander or asp, our guided trips offer something for every angler. With Thom Prüst’s expert guidance and the pristine waters of Biesbosch, your fishing adventure is sure to be a memorable one. Contact us today to book your trip and discover the best fishing that Biesbosch National Park has to offer. Let’s make your next fishing expedition an experience you’ll cherish forever!

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Pike fishing in Biesbosch natural reserve
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