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Where are the perch?

April is my Number one, favorite month of the year. Perches are everywhere and only big ones. Of course, 2020 was exceptional, with over 150 perches in the boat, but 2021 wasn't bad either. 50 perchers and all over 40 cm, and most of them actually over 45 cm! (with a few 50+!)

And now 2022, with only 26 perches aboard a total disappointment. However, what strikes this year is the water temperature. It just doesn't get above 13 degrees Celsius, 2 degrees less than in other years. My bet is, that as soon as the temperature hits 15 degrees Celsius we are going to see a feeding frenzy. Book your perch trip for May right NOW.

And although we didn't catch many (... yet!), the fishes we did catch were all big and beautiful.


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