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 hollands diep 


A true experience

In the Dutch Delta you will find the most beautiful fishing waters of Europe: the big water of Hollands Diep, the immense Haringvliet, the mighty Volkerak and the water jungle of the Biesbosch. The Delta is where the Maas and Rhine rivers confluent on their way to the North Sea. The most beautiful, largest and strongest predatory fish are living in this ecosystem and these predatory fish can be caught and admired in a responsible manner.

An abundance of predator


With fishing guide Thom Prüst from Lure Fishing Guide you can hunt for mega pike, bog zanders bass and monster perches. Thom fishes the waters of the Dutch Delta almost every day and knows the river system and the large open water like the back of his hand.


100% focus on your fishing technique

In our comfortable Crestliner Vision aluminum fishing boat we take you to the best spots in this challenging environment. Fishing with our high-end gear: St. Croix rods, Shimano reels, and Savage Gear lures, you only have to focus on catching your dream fish. The boat is equipped with sonars from the front to the rear, and the Garmin Livescope is also available, allowing you to hunt for that one monsterfish.

Controlling the environment

The wind can be a big spoiler when fishing the large open water. At such moments, we can fortunately fall back on the cover of the rivers and the Biesbosch. In this way fishing the Delta is almost always possible. 


Create your own experience

The possibilities in the Delta are endless and we can get started in every possible way. Casting on the open water in search of that one big pike, do vertical fising for zander below the Moerdijk, make numbers in the Biesbosch, catch pelagic zander as you see them attack the lures while your are watching the screen (it's alsmost like playing on a Playstation), search for big perches along the stone edges on the river. You decide! And of course we can simply combine everything and see what works best to catch predator fish ... as much and as big as possible!

Feel like going fishing?

A day of fishing on the Hollands Diep or the rivers is the ultimate Fishing Xperience. Lure Fishing Guide welcomes you to the Dutch Delta: the predatory fishing paradise of Europe.


Big pike

out on the open

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