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The best place for Black Bass in Europe.

X Predator Fishing Lodge in Extremadura (Spain)

Black Bass fishing

If you have been fishing for a single year and have also been able to fish in a few places in the world, you will of course also come across fish that you cannot catch in your local pond at home around the corner. I managed to catch most of these fish species if I dedicated myself a bit in such an exotic location. Except for that damn Black Bass. There was always something: either there were just very few of them, or you could catch them in the country where I was staying, just not where I was (1500 kilometers west you could catch them 🤦‍♂️), or it was still( too cold and so they didn't bite, or it was forbidden to fish, etc. That Black Bass therefore remained a fish on my 'fish to catch' list.

But because something like that still itches and I decided to give myself a fishing vacation this spring, I ended up with Bruce Farina, fishing guide and owner of X Predator Fishing Lodge. This turned out to be a hit. For a week I was a guest with Bruce in his lodge in Extremadura in Spain. A very relaxed and hospitable accommodation where Bruce will pamper you completely and let you enjoy the Spanish and Italian cuisine. During the day the hunt for Black Bass was open and we fished and caught Black Bass on various reservoirs in the area with all possible techniques!

The surroundings are breathtakingly beautiful, the fishing method spectacular, the Black Bass is very strong, abundant and fish of more than 3 kilos are possible, all within easy reach here in Europe, barely 3 hours drive from Madrid.

Do you also want to experience a Black Bass adventure? At X Predator Lodge you can book an all-in black bass adventure. You book a flight to Madrid and a rental car and after a 3-hour drive you are at your destination and you don't have to do anything but fish. Accommodations, all meals, equipment, boat and fishing guide are arranged so bring on that Black Bass. For more information, check the website of X Predator Fishing Lodge and if you make a request, please mention that you come through Lure Fishing Guide.

Or fill in the contact form below and I will put you in touch with Bruce.

Black Bass - X Predator Fishing Lodge

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