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Terms and Conditions

  1. You must be in possession of a valid ID card, passport or driving license and a valid Vispas with the corresponding list of fishing waters or Visplanner App.

  2. You must comply with all applicable laws and regulations of Dutch law and fisheries law.

  3. You should always follow all directions and instructions I give during a fishing day.

  4. If you do not have a Vispas, please let me know in time so that I (if possible of course) can arrange a day permit for you.

  5. When you come on board with me, you guarantee that you can swim. Of course I have a legally required life jacket on board for every person on board.

  6. Participation in a fishing day is entirely at your own risk. Lure Fishing Guide is not responsible for injury in any form or damage to and / or loss of material brought by yourself during the fishing trip.

  7. The use of material and lures is included in the price, but you are of course liable if damage to the boat, peripherals or material is caused by your actions.

  8. A fishing day is always based on Catch & Release. So no fish is ever killed or taken away.

  9. I can always (unilaterally) cancel or move a fishing day. I can also always decide that a fishing day will end early.

  10. Safety always comes first and if a safe fishing day cannot be guaranteed due to weather conditions, I will always move or cancel a fishing day.

  11. During the fishing day I take pictures of the catches that I send you afterwards via Wetransfer. I also often post these photos on my website and social media. Please let me know if you'd rather not have this.

  12. All prices include 9% VAT.

  13. A booked Fishing trip will not be refunded if canceled by the guest. The damage can be reimbursed through cancellation insurance.

  14. By paying you agree to these general terms and conditions

  15. For more information, see my website

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