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We have a new leader. Nico tops the rankings with a beautiful 105 cm long Biesbosch pike.

LFG'S Big One

How does it work?

Anyone who fishes with Lure Fishing Guide automatically has a chance to win a free Guided fishing tour. Catch a large predatory fish, ask your guide to place it on the measuring board and take a photo. Each fish is awarded points based on its length. Take the number 1 position and keep it until the end ofthe year. If you do, you will win a free Guided fishing trip.

How are points awarded?

Fish on the board are rounded up, so a 59.9cm pike is counted as 60cm and a 60.0cm pike is counted as 61cm.

The pike is our reference fish so every centimeter of pike is rewarded with 1 point. The points for zander, perch, asp and catfish are calculated with a correction factor according to the table below


What happens in a draw?

In case of a tie in points; the actual length of the fish on the sizing board is taken and points are awarded based on the length of the fish on the sizing board. If this also ends in a draw, then the lottery will decide who wins.

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