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Fishing with worms

The last time I was out with Ruud was February. A super fishing day with beautiful weather and a broken starter battery at the end that almost ruined our entire fishing day. Fortunately, there turned out to be a harbor master living in the harbor where we were lying when the battery failed, who also happened to sell brand new starter batteries at 6:30 p.m. 😳.

In the meantime I have guided a lot and successfully for zander, cursed the pike in the Biesbosch (except for one day fishing in the Biesbosch has been downright dramatic), Ruud became a father and I went fishing for Black Bass in Spain.

Largemouth Bass

And last Monday Ruud and I were finally able to go on a zander/ perch hunt again, armed with a few hundred worms because we now live in April.

Quite a difference, up to 30 degrees in Spain and then again barely 2 degrees above zero and a cutting 4-5 Bft east wind. Anyway, I put a worm on the hook , cast out a few times and bang... Fish on!

A lousy bite, but the zander is nicely hooked and can quickly go back into the water. Cast again.... immediately a good hit, I set the hook and it's fish on again. A clearly larger fish this time. The rod bends well and a heavy fish remains thumping deep. Ruud has been ready for some time with the landing net when suddenly the tension of the fishing rod drops, "&$%#$$", unfortunately.

We catch a few more fish at this spot and then decide to see if we can find some perch on the shallows.